Submissions for the Third Issue of The Medley, Ostraca’s bi-annual online literary journal, are now open and we wish to invite themed as well as non-themed entries for the sections of Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry, with any variety of style, structure, content and genre. Photo Essays are also welcome.

For this issue, we are looking for themed works on the topic of Local Flavour. The numerous places we inhabit have their own personal hallmarks, attributes which cannot be replicated anywhere else. Every moment is an interaction, every moment is a dialogue. These cityscapes, imagined and otherwise, surround and resound in us in manners big and small. Not only are we as individuals shaped by the little worlds that enclose us, whether it is our neighbourhoods, our streets, our cultures or our imagined spaces, but we in turn shape these worlds to mould our visions. In tandem with that multifarious awareness, we would love to look at works which negotiate individual as well as collective relationships with the geographical, cultural, political and social spaces that we occupy. We welcome creative expressions of such visions that give us insights into our urban and rural makeup, of how much of us is human and how much belongs to the world around us. Non-themed submissions will also be accepted.

In general, we’re looking for work from emerging writers and poets that has unbridled originality, a raw energy and doesn’t shy away from coming into its own. We want poetry and prose that sings, fragments itself and takes flight. Give us your best, most daring, pieces, exploring new terrains and new metaphors, pieces that sketch out paths and avenues in an otherwise unknown wasteland. We’re looking for diversity, for versatility and for new voices of representation from all over the globe.

PROSE: Only 1 piece at a time, 3000 words maximum.
POETRY: Up to 3 poems at a time, no length limits.

  1. Prose and poetry should be pasted in the body of the email. If your poems require special formatting, you may send them as an attachment in the form of word documents, no other file formats will be entertained.

  2. You also have to send a short third person bio, along with a headshot, in the submission email.

  3. Mention the category you are submitting for in the subject of your email. Also state whether your submission is themed or non-themed in the subject itself. Before you send us any work, please familiarize yourself with The Medley and our editorial practices by going through our previous issues.

  4. We allow only for previously unpublished works. Interested people can send their entries to submissions[at]themedley[dot]in. The deadline for submissions for this issue is 31st March. We are open to simultaneous submissions (so long as you classify them as such and immediately let us know if they’re accepted elsewhere).

  5. Please submit no more than once per category per reading period. Additional submissions will be ignored. If your work has been featured in The Medley, please wait at least a year from the date of your publication before submitting again.

  6. The Medley requires First Serial Rights and all archival rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication. If your work appears elsewhere in print or online, please give due credit to The Medley as the place where your work first appeared.

For any queries, you can email to contactus[at]themedley[dot]in. We try to respond to submissions within 4-8 weeks of receiving it. If you still haven’t heard from us till then, you can drop us an email at the above mentioned address.