The Medley

is a twice-a-year literary journal run by the students of Hansraj College, University of Delhi. It is a repository of stories, poems and essays sent to us from around the world since 2018.


Lakshyaa Anand
Lakshyaa is an undergraduate student pursuing anthropology at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. She's an avid reader with a voracious appetite for suspense and drama. Dan Brown and Jeffrey Archer are among her favorites. Although, she admits that she has a soft spot for Khaled Hosseini and has shamelessly sobbed to his words. A hodophile by nature and a nomad by spirit, she soundly believes that 'home' is where the heart sings the loudest.
Sitara Sigi
Poetry Editor
Sitara is a second-year History student at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Born in Delhi, she spends her time either buried deep in libraries or trying to explore the city’s jovial streets and bright lights. She grew up with classic literature and draws all her survival assurances from classic poets. An avid music listener and a reminiscer of long lost conversations, she is on a constant move to discover the stories hidden in each song, each smile, and each breeze of air.
Rashika Singh
Poetry Reader
A feckless literature major at Hansraj, Rashika is an enthusiastic connoisseur of huge words and a big fan of books that make her sob. A huge champion of all things art by heart, she's always open to discussing books and poetry and music and anything indeed, provided you can handle her loud voice and louder opinions. You can easily see her on the college campus anytime surrounded by people, yelling about something or other she found alluring. As someone who hates small talk, you can usually find her proclaiming her purpose of life as "the performance and pursuit of pleasure".
Borishan Ghosh
Poetry Reader
Borishan is in his first year at hansraj studying physics, and has since spent everyday in the city travelling, sitting quietly in art galleries and monuments, drawing, making drawings for people who asked what he was drawing, travelling across the country alone, seeing the sea in the night for the very first time, pedaling a broken cycle through the forest at 1 in the morning, staying back uninhibited in libraries and bringing home flowers from friends, singing sleeping, talking and running back from the metro in the rain, having been asked to write his masthead profile in third person. He would love for you to say hi if you meet him.
Soumye Arora
Prose Reader
Soumye is a commerce major from Hansraj College, Delhi university. Guitar, fiction novels and Cristiano Ronaldo matches are to him what the goddess Cynthia was to Endymion: the absolute reason of existence. He tries to make his guitar sing, because he cannot sing(his shower head told him so). The remainder of his time(which is very little), goes to novels, as they are like a warm blanket in the winter and the closest of confidantes. He enjoys sitting in a semi-circle with his friends and laughing like an evil scientist. He is daydreaming as you read this and he is thankful to you for reading this.
Ishani Mukherjee
Prose Reader
Ishani Mukherjee is a 2nd year History Hons student at Hansraj College. Her hobbies include observing people (read staring at them until they get uncomfortable), writing out her epiphanies, reading pretentiously long books and holding snarky conversations in her head with herself. She's always ready talk to you about any of her multiple fandoms (you will find at least one in common with her) over a cup of hot chocolate or peach ice tea, if you catch her during the rare moments she leaves her room that is.

The Medley is the bi-annual journal of Ostraca - The Creative Writing Society of Hansraj College, University of Delhi.