The Medley

is a twice-a-year literary journal run by the students of Hansraj College, University of Delhi. It is a repository of stories, poems and essays sent to us from around the world since 2018.

Masculine Assets

Men are the proprietors of power and so claiming anger as masculine assets and violence with it, are not accustomed to feminine display of disdain or displeasure (or bloodlust, rage, vengeance, and wrath) An angry woman disqualifies herself from womanhood, just by being angry. Her intellect is nullified by her inconvenient instinct but a man’s anger is fuel for his logic, his passion. He is raised to expect a servile female, to anticipate compliant cunts with mastery over unfathomable patience.

He creates the dual gendered world: male or not male the dual gendered world: human or not human the dual gendered world: respectable or exploitable

C.L. Severson

C.L. Severson is a transfemme poet living in Seattle. Of Mexican descent, she has always been fascinated with complex myths and silenced cultures. She writes of her experiences as a sex worker living with chronic illness . Themes of her work are often cultural displacement, gender invisibility, and a strong voice of spiritual awakening.