The Medley

is a twice-a-year literary journal run by the students of Hansraj College, University of Delhi. It is a repository of stories, poems and essays sent to us from around the world since 2018.

Just ice when the fire’s lit

If what they said Was interesting And their interests Were what they said

I’d listen. If their “rights” Were right- Their morals moral- Their justice just

I’d trust.

If their rules made sense And sense ruled- If their laws Weren’t so broken

I wouldn’t break them. They can beat me imprison me fine me and sentence me to death.

But they can’t punish me without my consent.

For I’m a masochist recluse bankrupt and suicidal.

So how do you like that?

Roy Duffield

Roy Duffield has a first-class honours degree in creative writing from Bath Spa University. Last year he headlined Barcelona’s annual Beat Poetry Festival alongside some of Spain’s most successful performance poets. He has travelled to over 100 countries and publishes his micro-poetry, art and photography on Instagram as the @drinking_traveller.