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In retrospect, everything is fine. Just fine.

Humor me, amigos, as this strong urge to oversee thy human lives plodding onwards a lifetime of phases makes one commit the sin to stop and turn, and pen how our society has turned out to be.

Distance: We have reached the moon, we aspire to traverse the universe and even change the nomenclature of celestial bodies as we know it (daily), but we would often fail to reach out to a stranger and speak. It’s ridiculously amazing that we are racing with technology to be connected faster with people from other lands but somehow falter with the people closest to us. We fail to observe that we keep getting farther from our near-dear ones, cursing the very distances that we closed upon.

Living a nomadic life myself, I seek refuge in knowing numerous people in tiny specters in the country. Many fellow compatriots have stayed put in a given place, and supposedly built a deeper foundation for “lifelong” bonding. But isn’t it the sheer memories we create with people that define the strings that we have sewn? Well, it’s easy to see how ‘distance’, is such a sweet excuse for our failure to hold our relationships.

Desire: We have maps to several destinations where we would like to go but an innate sense of comfort simply withholds us to make a change. We simply remain where ever we want to be. “Change is good”, they said; ‘The road not taken’ inspires us to dream whereas the unknown perils of unknown lands is our excuse to shy away, most often than naught.

The human race has evolved to always move forward and reach new pinnacles of success, but while we reach the top, our foundation is crumbling and falling into piles of rubble. We are so engrossed, so wrapped up around ourselves, in our small bubbles that we often lose sight of the bigger picture. Martin Luther King asserted that the “irony of our time is that we have guided missiles but unguided men”. We want to reach higher pedestals but we sacrifice our morals to gain it.

Destiny: The Dalai Lama is not incorrect in stating that “… we have wider roads but narrower viewpoints, we have larger buildings but shorter temper.” Simply put, we are running a race so fast that we fail to understand the wormhole we are constantly getting sucked into. We are not living life anymore, in fact, we are becoming lifeless robots of this unorthodox paradox etching a satire of our destinies. A satire, which revolves around our moods ranging from ‘going with the flow’ to ‘whatever happens, happens for the best’.

Well our destiny is what we maketh of it. The lines on my palms weren’t decided from the womb I was born and neither shall it decide the Messi I shall never become. I rest my case.

Albert Einstein stated “We cannot solve the problems the same way we initiated it”. The sheer understanding of the superficial lives we live, can allow us to phase through a much more enriching experience. There are small tangibles that we can bring in our lives- talk to someone new, rekindle with the old, build a sense of newfound trust or simply sit down and let the winds sway us away. We need to let our consciousness spread to let the realization set in. Start to listen rather than listen, observe rather than see, feel and connect rather than just to touch and have a simple brush off.

Otherwise, while our sense of newfound adulthood might make us feel we are plunging through life’s staircase, we might actually be failing at our biggest marathon of an exam.

This is simply an idle mind’s epiphany. Everything is just fine. Just fine.

Premtosh Kar

Premtosh Kar is currently in his second year of English literature. As a defense brat, his travels have taken him to far corners of the country, making him ask questions about life. He loves animals and travelling as much as he loves writing. The only thing he wants is to change the world with his writing.