Leaving Home, Submerged

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Leaving Home

The windows churn the sunlight They provide only bleakness Every filtered thing is poisoned Every made thing is cursed

Here are the truths I state as verses Do they spark bewilderment?

The boxes were full of her clothes, They ate the jewelry that my mother never wore, They kept the torn sarees warm, But I didn’t take them with me.

Without a body, leaving a space sounds unholy Without a body, possessions aren’t possessions Anymore.

I left the boxes They are in the hall room On the piece of the floor where my mother was to turn into ash

How can I take the belongings away from a place That has carried her air?


My diseases become your diseases after Kaveh Akbar

I do not know what to call this Only that it can kill me A love like this where there is a latch of your soul hiding in mine Sharing lead bits and nicotine molecules We are not truly alive, are we? Suppose we were and this world was a reflection of ecstasy Suppose we were and this world had magic in the ground, Would we have found each other then?

Please listen to me, Destruction is sort of a blessing. I know there is anger in the back of your eyes I know that rage is the highest degree of a litmus test for a human to show if there is a monster hidden But I have devoured you I have loved you so much that I cannot differentiate between eating your heart away-and carrying it with me.

Let’s take two pages and write only each other’s names Let’s tell the world that the only way to love is to memorize the identity of a person

When I am walking I am also tracing the lines on your toes Can I ask you a question? If I were to love someone else, could you shapeshift?

my diseases become your diseases it is true, be too close to someone and you become a cannibal maybe we have been using synonyms of love all along maybe we haven’t loved at all maybe we are just staring at each other till one of us growls and we are finished

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