Two Poems

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Essential Vocabulary for Transfolk

Cisbitch fibrosis: extremely common societal illness defined by mucilaginous male gender roles that prevent the oxygenation of feminine progress.
Entraptured: when you blame a trans person for your attraction to them.
Gendergetics: the non-linear flux in the expression of personal power.
Non-whinary: when transfolk don’t have to process your gender journey for you.
Queernobyl: internalized toxic misogyny in queer culture.
Trancestors: we are each the legacy of one another
Transanity: When you become mentally ill because they label you so.
Transciousness: transgender consciousness.
Transmission: your life’s work, what you are here to broadcast.
Transgression: states of gender non-conforming rage.
Transilience: continuing to transition despite being harassed on the daily.
Transist: resisting patriarchal culture simply by existing as a trans person.
Transjectory: A personal customized timeline of how YOU want to transition or not
Transogynist: Having an ingrained hatred for transfolk.
Transphobia: the currency of ciswomen of all races who wish to sustain what little power their men afford them in society.
Transpho-be-a-hero: The accolades you get for doing the bare minimum to keep transgirls from being murdered or evicted.
Transpirational: When you are overwhelmed with love for your sisters.
Transvivor: what you are for making it this far.
Transwering machine: for when you are just absolutely not here right now.
Tranthem: Corny queer songs to try to get people to stop being violent towards us.
Tranthropologist: How you feel dusting off old traumas buried in one of your personalities. Mental illness doesn’t disqualify gender.
Traumammoth: A large trauma fossil. May require professional help, that’s normal!
Traumical: when you learn to laugh and cry. you need them both to heal.

Masculine Assets

Men are the proprietors of power and so
claiming anger as masculine assets
and violence with it, are not accustomed
to feminine display of disdain or displeasure
(or bloodlust, rage, vengeance, and wrath)
An angry woman disqualifies herself from womanhood,
just by being angry.
Her intellect is nullified by her inconvenient instinct
but a man’s anger is fuel for his logic, his passion.
He is raised to expect a servile female, to anticipate
compliant cunts with mastery over unfathomable patience.

He creates
the dual gendered world: male or not male
the dual gendered world: human or not human
the dual gendered world: respectable or exploitable

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