COVIDcopia Cadences

less than 1 minute read

Strange TMI factoids we learn
progressions of non-dark websites
regards all manner
of TP [hint: not tooth paste].

For example, I didn’t know
supply-chain rhythms
producing residential
and commercial
toilet paper certainly weren’t supposed
to – plus don’t mesh

or that while the former’s rush-order tempo
appears generally all sold out,
latter is still widely available for delivery
since nowa-stay-in-place-days
our homes are occupied
more than mostly dimmed office building stalls.

Thus during berserk time of need
those humongous one-ply rolls
simply sit in warehouses
waiting on drumrolls
calling us to return from unemployment
back toward pulse of industrial-strength workplace crappers.

Other hand, oh boy, yesterday marked a big Internet success
what with Mr. Popper’s Penguins
arrived to Zoom
with grandkids well as replacement battery
for this mid-septuagenarian’s
do-it-yourself- Philip’s HeartStart defibrillator.

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