Issue Five

Behind The Cover

2 minute read  by Anusree K

I took this particular photograph on the 18th of January, 2020. On that day, my pelvis ultrasound scan report came out and it was found that I had cysts in m...

Just ice when the fire’s lit

less than 1 minute read  by Roy Duffield

         If what they said           Was interesting And their interests Were what they said

Who By Sword

11 minute read  by Carolyn Geduld

The first time God talked to Roger was in the detention hall in high school.

Two Poems

2 minute read  by CL Severson

Essential Vocabulary for Transfolk

To the Poets of My Generation

1 minute read  by Milly Brown

I fear we are singing to ourselves, Chanting love songs Across a candle-lit and empty time Between the backs of our minds.

Three Poems

4 minute read  by Teodora Nikolova

miasma theory

Slice of Life

less than 1 minute read  by Robert Beveridge

They told us we’d found the true spirit of grindcore but all we had were walks on the beach and the inevitable fondnesses for horses and people that led to i...


3 minute read  by Christopher Moore

Is this what they’ll see, when they come to excavate our time? Those unfortunates from future History faculties or departments, who opt to major or speciali...

My Mother’s Kajal

2 minute read  by Mayank Manchanda

She brings the lipstick close to her lips, her lipstick becomes more wrinkles adjacent to the lips than lips, her hands tremble as she picks up the kajal1. ...

Interpreter on the X

6 minute read  by Thomas Reed Willemain

Fyodor Markov-Smith had to take his fingers off the keyboard. He watched, stunned, as his hands shook. He could not make them stop. But then he never imagine...

flowers for sale at a newsagent

less than 1 minute read  by DS Maolalai

not feeling recently so very inspired in spite of birds which wheel and scatter on the sky like salt on bacon.

Fire of the Forest

6 minute read  by Aditya Singh

The forest was drenched in a dull violet light as a blue sun pierced the canopy. Her eyes gazed thoughtlessly at the trees that loomed titanic over her. She ...


2 minute read  by Abheet Srivastav

I wanted to write a dissent poem, but they said that not more than three lines can assemble together.

Discovering Your Roots

1 minute read  by John Grey

Your great-grandfather wasn’t part of the resistance. He served the war years on the wrong side. The best you can hope for is that he despised himself. Other...

COVIDcopia Cadences

less than 1 minute read  by Gerard Sarnat

Strange TMI factoids we learn trawling through progressions of non-dark websites regards all manner of TP [hint: not tooth paste].


6 minute read  by DC Diamondopolous

A black cloud of smoke near the intersection of Florence and Normandie drifted towards Mrs. Kim’s California Dry Cleaning store in South Central Los Angeles....