The Oblation

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It lasted for seven minutes,
A hush, a bluff, a thrust, in and out
It is all the rage to grope, fondle, maul.
The boy was told in the strangest time,
It was a service to God.
A libation to the Almighty, a nine year old.

The moment lasted for ten seconds
For the humble sheep, the shepherd was
All that they looked out for.
Your sins are unforgivable, said the pastor
Bend over; maybe I can pardon
The fall from Grace.
Else, the depths of damnation.

A blind search for clemency.
The velvety touch of the Ferraiolo
Still gives me the chills
As I tie the rope around my throat,
to meet the Holy Light and
To ask him Why
Did I have to hold the thurible,
As he flushed me by the altar.

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