The Happiest Place on Earth

1 minute read

I like to place bricks on my voice,
So it will let out only whispers,
When my eyes are listening,
To the moonlight falling asleep,
On seabed.

I like to tie strings over my wrists,
on my ankles so I would not jump,
To catch stars playing freeze tag
in my backyard.

It sounds like a nice place,
A place snuggling in my imagination.

Dust will end its songs
and become the audience today.
Speakers will turn daft
and instead birds will walk
on our cements and sing, and roar.
Leaves will turn green,
Turn water,
Turn a bliss,
Lifting off the concretes,
Sleeping on our clocks.
And I will punch holes in my ears
to hear
Screams sleeping tonight.

It seems like a nice place,
Where I want to breathe,
A place which will not draw curtains,
When I open my eyes.

Laughter will fly
when stones tied to it
will pull it down.
Pages lost, will finally find
their way back to dusty shelves.
Somewhere I can swim,
From each letter to each word.
My fingers,
My cheeks,
My knees.
I will swim and turn blue,
Turn ink.

Is this a place?
Find me this place;
My eyes refuse to wake up to nothingness.

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