Ten Talks

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The stones arranged like a staircase that once made
Pocket size waterfalls along the stream course
Now turned into bricks you call house
So when you bring a pebble from the nearest river as souvenir
You bring a child to his family funeral ground


The Bible and Science lied to us
Because the sunlight
Doesn’t reach the place where I come from
I’ve lived my entire life in a glass bottle
Searching for its neck
Hoping to see the sun at the tunnel’s end
But on this planet, they call me a rolling stone
Because someone’s always shaking my world


You don’t know how many trees I have cut
To build a ladder
So it can help me climb

Out of the bottle
But the ladder won’t take my weight
And now the forest hates me too


According to the World Health Organization
350 million people worldwide suffer from depression
And the remaining 7 billion people are blind
On days depression goes out for a walk
I don’t blame them
Depression is not as fatal as common cold
And running nose will always be a better symptom of any disease
Than anxiety attack at 2 AM


You told me you’d stay
If I gave you the key to my closet
But you stole my skeletons and left
And suddenly everyone wants
A piece of boneless meat for dinner


If it hasn’t rained for years
And the villagers decide
A lamb must be sacrificed
To please the stones in the temple
They all look at me
Like church priests preying on young boys


You took the last seed of my skin
I was saving to grow next monsoon
Hoping my new body grows a heart
Heart that doesn’t have a hole
Doesn’t need a surgery I cannot afford
You were mine
Field and I sleep walked


I will make a bad astronaut

Who’d tell his co-workers he’s going out
To repair the solar panels but instead
Detaches himself in space
Because I have no one to come back for


My permanent address is the state of sleep
I take liver medicines for dinner
On Tuesdays, I collect my doctors’ prescriptions
And put them up on a wall
So one day everyone can see
Science cannot save us all


A stone once called me stone hearted
I told him
A rolling stone gathers no moss

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