Politics of the Divine

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Tug O’ War? ‘Twixt Arabic
verses, and dialectics? House
of God— a pilgrimage to Mecca— a mandate?
Pelting stones, and Satan— salvation?
Diktats of Islam— a religion stuck
in time.
Obsolete and corrugated.
High-end Heaven— a promise
or fishnet? Burnt into
my molten flesh, this faith, a legacy—
favour or fascism? Caught between
traditionalists and
reformists— A woman I am.

How do I atone for my existence?

With black cloak— inch tape
of virtues? Or a tiara of polygamy?
Pentagons, and prayers.
Farce, and fasts.
Mozart, and mosques.

How do I believe in a God that
wants to be praised all
the time?

Believers and Non-believers— a
dividing line, another Auschwitz?
Judgement Day— trick or treat?

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