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Muskan Nagpal

Muskan Nagpal, currently, is a Young India Fellow at Ashoka University. She struggles to find who she really is and who she would want to be (because she cannot understand where one begins and the other ends). Most often, she can be found inside her room writing poems and reading books on weaving and embroidery.

Ashmeet Jolly

Ashmeet Jolly is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology at Panjab University, and is in her first year. She passionately delves into absurdist and existentialist humour and at the same time strives to find the meaning of her existence, and fails every now and then. The book she treasures the most is ‘Prep’ by Curtis Sittenfeld and she recommends that anyone who is going through a heavy chapter in their life should give it a read. She is also, a Bob Ross fan and is quite sad that she will never be able to meet him.


Smriti Verma

smriti verma
Smriti Verma grew up in Delhi, India, where she studies English Literature at the University of Delhi. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in The Adroit Journal, Coldnoon, B O D Y, Cleaver Magazine, Word Riot, Open Road Review, Alexandria Quarterly, Yellow Chair Review, and The Four Quarters Magazine . She is the recipient of the 2015 Save The Earth Poetry Prize and enjoys working as a Poetry Editor for Inklette, Copy Editor for The Brown Orient and Poetry Reader for The Blueshift Journal. Her interests include film, literature and creative writing.

Areeb Ahmad

Areeb Ahmad is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Delhi University. Although he is an eclectic bookworm, he swears by all things SFF with Erikson as God and Malazan as Gospel. He is currently interning as an associate member for Feeding India, a non-profit organisation which primarily redistributes extra leftover food acquired through donations to the needy. Areeb has been writing since he was in sixth grade and would really like to finally finish working on a book of his own one of these days. He can be found desperately searching for book deals and rapidly accumulating his TBR pile.

Sponsorship Heads

Aaryaka Nidhi

Aaryaka Nidhi is a third year literature student at Hansraj College. In her writing, she paints cities within indistinct boundaries, spilling colours that mix and match, curling up in places that make them look like they belong there. Otherwise, she’s generally busy spending time with and singing songs to her favourite dogs in college. She also believes that a can of Coke and a packet of blue Lays are the things that will eventually help us attain world peace. 

Gauri Sharda

Gauri Sharda is a second year student, pursuing Bcom Hons from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Chocolates, coffee and good conversations are things she considers necessary for a happy life. Her passions include teaching, reading and writing.

Rasseerat Kohli

An Economics major at the University of Delhi, Rasseerat Kohli knocks doors of fiction, poetry and narrative; somehow, finally making an excuse to embrace the playful child - personification. Acknowledging her knack for journalism, she went on to intern with The Indian Express Group and as she puts it “I updated the status of my mind, daily”. Rasseerat was the recipient of Silver (worldwide) for Senior Category in The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition’16, organised in association with The Cambridge University Press. Looking forward to capitalising on public speaking while responding to her inner calling for fashion styling, this hard-to-pronounce name loves experimenting with diversity. 

Creative Heads

Hemakshi Malik

Hemakshi Malik is a Physical Sciences student at Hansraj College. She has lived her entire life in Delhi but has only begun to know it recently. A budding science-fiction and astronomy enthusiast, stargazing gives her immense joy. Creative Writing and Photography have created significant value in her life and continue to help her break out of her comfort zone.

Aanchal Yadav

Aanchal Yadav is pursuing History at Hansraj college. A Chai enthusiast and cat lover, she aspires to be a civil servant one day. She finds joy in writing ghazals and her love for Hindustani literature shapes her personality and perspective towards life.

Soumya Vats

Soumya Vats is a second year English Honours student at Hansraj College. An intern at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and a former intern at SoDelhi, she is constantly chasing deadlines and metro trains. Her search for knowledge has taken her to summers at Brown University and University College London. She is currently trying her hand at slight extroversion and slam poetry and dreams of becoming a crime documentary maker some day. Till then, you can likely find her discussing conspiracy theories and dramatically narrating stories over chai in the canteen.

Social Media Manager

Sanghmitra Jethwani

Sanghmitra Jethwani is a third year literature student at Hansraj College. On most days, she tries to capture the tales recited by the streets of Delhi through her lens, trying to find stories and faces that have been buried for too long now, on others, she attempts to find the meaning of life in between the lines of Urdu poetry, and believes that one day she eventually will.

Web Designer

Alok Prateek

Alok Prateek is an engineering undergraduate from Greater Noida and is currently an intern with RIL Jio. Born and brought up in Noida, he is an alumni of Delhi Public School and JNU. As the son of an editor, he had access to books in abundance and enjoys the fantasy worlds of Tolkien, Sapkowski, Pratchett and Erikson. When he’s not coding or pushing pixels, you can find him taking his dog, Zoe, for a walk in the park.