White Block

3 minute read  by Daksh Dheer

The white expanse of the blank canvas stared back at me. It was pretty white, really. Whiter than snow but warmer than the empty pages of my pocket notebook....

The Seasons

9 minute read  by Melodie Corrigall

Since she left her birthplace — a land of the seasons — her existence had been untethered: floating freestyle instead of settling to the comfortable rhythm n...

Fooling the Boys

10 minute read  by Ken Wetherington

I had been completely unaware of the plot until Bradley asked for a favour. It came as a surprise since my status at Springdale High didn’t rise to the level...


5 minute read  by Yash Seyedbagheri

My older sister Nan and I climb up our makeshift treehouse armed with our latest swiped goodies. Vienna sausages. Saltines. Sardines. Plastic Merlot bottles....

Who By Sword

11 minute read  by Carolyn Geduld

The first time God talked to Roger was in the detention hall in high school.


3 minute read  by Christopher Moore

Is this what they’ll see, when they come to excavate our time? Those unfortunates from future History faculties or departments, who opt to major or speciali...

Interpreter on the X

6 minute read  by Thomas Reed Willemain

Fyodor Markov-Smith had to take his fingers off the keyboard. He watched, stunned, as his hands shook. He could not make them stop. But then he never imagine...

Fire of the Forest

6 minute read  by Aditya Singh

The forest was drenched in a dull violet light as a blue sun pierced the canopy. Her eyes gazed thoughtlessly at the trees that loomed titanic over her. She ...


6 minute read  by DC Diamondopolous

A black cloud of smoke near the intersection of Florence and Normandie drifted towards Mrs. Kim’s California Dry Cleaning store in South Central Los Angeles....

When Love Arrives

19 minute read  by Suyashi Smridhi

“Huh. Tumhare Nanu1 . Bahut popular hua karte the apne zamaane mein. Class ke baad, ladkiyan unke peeche peeche bhaag hi jaati thi – Sir, Sir, Sir. I have a ...


9 minute read  by Carla Jania

Sundays meant that señoras would get up before the sun to set up their small food stands, taking their kids along to help. You could get hot drinks and hot f...


7 minute read  by Prerna Kaushal

A paintbrush between slim fingers. A heartbeat. A single breath that slips away and curls against the ghost sobbing on the floor. A trickle of sunlight reach...

Snapshots of the Flowers in My City

11 minute read  by Muskan Nagpal

While talking about why she didn’t write linearly, Virginia Woolf asked, “is life like this? Must novels be like this?”


9 minute read  by Riti Krishnan

Three years. That’s for how long I didn’t go back. I don’t have an elaborate excuse for it, to be honest. I had a decent job in the city and going back to th...

The Lament of the Damned

5 minute read  by Christina John

She sat down after an hour of hard work. Her body did not need rest; her mind did so she sat. The morning had just begun and life in the city was already bus...

The Guilt of Detachment

7 minute read  by Ankita Raina

As I sit in the balcony of the three-storeyed building I’ve called home for the past one year, coughing multiple times because of the smoke coming from the t...


6 minute read  by Sara Haque

She had two favourite children. One died young. And left her bitter. Vengeful. Shocked. She was afraid of evenings and bullets since then. But she often told...


3 minute read  by Sonakshi Srivastava

When the cracks first appeared, she decided to ignore it. Who would care for it anyway, those blemishes on the wall. It was his job and he just may do it onc...

A Late Evening in Summer, 2018

4 minute read  by Srishti Gupta

Six-thirty on the clock on 11th June saw the sun inching down the horizon, its rays sputtering, spent, like pens running out, leaving thoughts suspended mid-...

As The Sidewalk Ends

3 minute read  by Hemakshi Malik

This story and its title are both inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Where The Sidewalk Ends.

The Forking Bristles

10 minute read  by Anshuman Yadav

The piece tries to interlace the narrative of Bertha Mason from Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre with that of a young, married woman. The latter is set in the pr...


6 minute read  by Aaryaka Nidhi

The Candy Shop in Jammu

4 minute read  by Avishek Ghosh

I saw her while I was being diagnosed with dysthymia – a major depressive disorder - at St. Stephen’s Hospital in Gurgaon. Which is kind of ironic in its own...


3 minute read  by Anasuya Borah

The story is inspired from the video of the song “Sleep on The Floor” by The Lumineers.