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6 minute read  by Aaryaka Nidhi

The Candy Shop in Jammu

4 minute read  by Avishek Ghosh

I saw her while I was being diagnosed with dysthymia – a major depressive disorder - at St. Stephen’s Hospital in Gurgaon. Which is kind of ironic in its own...


3 minute read  by Anasuya Borah

The story is inspired from the video of the song “Sleep on The Floor” by The Lumineers.

Remembering the Indian Freedom Struggle Movement

15 minute read  by Deepak Nain

The story of India’s resistance took different forms at different stages of British expansion. Therefore, revisiting these events serve multiple purposes by ...

Caste in our Communities

9 minute read  by Rahul Chaudhary

Caste is perhaps one of the most potent socio-cultural, and hence politico-economic, forces in India. Centuries old, it has governed humans and human activit...

Love Jihad

13 minute read  by Malvika Jayakumar

The first section of this article by Antara is a non-partisan take on the alleged insidious conversion campaigns while the second section by Malvika is a cas...

Conspiracy Theories 101

8 minute read  by Chitra Rajpal

Conspiracy theories have been a part of our culture for a little more than a century now. For some, they are a tool of comprehending the veiled reality which...