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It’s Moo

4 minute read  by Ashmeet Jolly

There was a lecture on a particular concept of Carl Rogers that was being taught in class, when the month of September started. And you know how September is...


6 minute read  by Sara Haque

She had two favourite children. One died young. And left her bitter. Vengeful. Shocked. She was afraid of evenings and bullets since then. But she often told...


3 minute read  by Sonakshi Srivastava

When the cracks first appeared, she decided to ignore it. Who would care for it anyway, those blemishes on the wall. It was his job and he just may do it onc...

We Called Her Soul

2 minute read  by Prithvijeet Sinha

Look down, little baby. there she sleeps in that modest, open casket, inhaling all her graces and hallelujahs in her serene passage to the good Lord.

Two Birds

2 minute read  by Amalia Abbar

Author’s Note: stillborn and stillbirth.

To Frieda, With Love

1 minute read  by Ishani Pant

Frieda, listen little love Frieda. You have scars and burns and bumps-a, And stretches and cracks that may look rueful, But nothing little love, can make ...

The Oblation

less than 1 minute read  by Kunal Panda

It lasted for seven minutes, A hush, a bluff, a thrust, in and out It is all the rage to grope, fondle, maul. The boy was told in the strangest time, It was ...

The Happiest Place on Earth

1 minute read  by Azal Dosanjh

I like to place bricks on my voice, So it will let out only whispers, When my eyes are listening, To the moonlight falling asleep, On seabed. I like to tie ...