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Two Poems

1 minute read  by Purnima Singh

Working Class Houses


1 minute read  by Thliring Daulaguphu

One late and silent evening quite a few winters ago, Nosain took me in lovingly, as she did all her children before me.

Two Poems

2 minute read  by Kanika Ahuja

For the Tourist at Lal Qila, Delhi

Editors’ Note

2 minute read  by editor

Contrary to popular belief, the most important step, the hardest step, of a journey is not the first one. As Sanderson says, it’s the next one, the second on...

The Lament of the Damned

5 minute read  by Christina John

She sat down after an hour of hard work. Her body did not need rest; her mind did so she sat. The morning had just begun and life in the city was already bus...

The Guilt of Detachment

7 minute read  by Ankita Raina

As I sit in the balcony of the three-storeyed building I’ve called home for the past one year, coughing multiple times because of the smoke coming from the t...