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9 minute read  by Riti Krishnan

Three years. That’s for how long I didn’t go back. I don’t have an elaborate excuse for it, to be honest. I had a decent job in the city and going back to th...

Behind The Cover

1 minute read  by Samiksha Jain

Photographs, for me, always serve as a powerful medium of bringing about stories that can be visualized by the audience. Through my frames, I wish to knit pe...

Editors’ Note

2 minute read  by editor

Displacement is a word we come across in many different contexts over the course of our life. To be displaced is to not be in the same place one was before. ...

Editors’ Note

3 minute read  by editor

When one of our staff members, suggested “Local Flavour”, we weren’t sold on the idea. In our initial discussions, we felt that as a theme, it had almost one...

Behind The Cover

1 minute read  by Sarthak Kwatra

I’ve often observed a certain solidarity in all of my favourite photographs. I had a sense of direction for them, seconds before I even took them. It’s almos...


4 minute read  by Premtosh Kar

In retrospect, everything is fine. Just fine.