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On The Edge of the Storm

1 minute read  by Kushagra Tripathi

The storm brews afar in the sea We can’t run and we know it You’re worried, or so you say And look into my eyes searching for answers I am no library — I ill...

For Hoshiarpur

1 minute read  by Jaishree Kumar

hoshiarpur turns pink at sunset the setting sun casts a tint on nameless faces, nameless roads, nameless graves. the setting sun sets fire to the fields the...


1 minute read  by Sanghmitra Jethwani

The history of oppression that women have been subjected to since time immemorial, had been taking shape in the Indian subcontinent with the invasion of the ...

A Late Evening in Summer, 2018

4 minute read  by Srishti Gupta

Six-thirty on the clock on 11th June saw the sun inching down the horizon, its rays sputtering, spent, like pens running out, leaving thoughts suspended mid-...

As The Sidewalk Ends

3 minute read  by Hemakshi Malik

This story and its title are both inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Where The Sidewalk Ends.

The Forking Bristles

10 minute read  by Anshuman Yadav

The piece tries to interlace the narrative of Bertha Mason from Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre with that of a young, married woman. The latter is set in the pr...


6 minute read  by Aaryaka Nidhi