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COVIDcopia Cadences

less than 1 minute read  by Gerard Sarnat

Strange TMI factoids we learn trawling through progressions of non-dark websites regards all manner of TP [hint: not tooth paste].


6 minute read  by DC Diamondopolous

A black cloud of smoke near the intersection of Florence and Normandie drifted towards Mrs. Kim’s California Dry Cleaning store in South Central Los Angeles....

What will you write

less than 1 minute read  by Utkarsh

when your hands droop impotent and your thoughts are paralyzed. What will glimmer in this gleaming oblivion? Compose yourself first. Pick...

When Love Arrives

19 minute read  by Suyashi Smridhi

“Huh. Tumhare Nanu1 . Bahut popular hua karte the apne zamaane mein. Class ke baad, ladkiyan unke peeche peeche bhaag hi jaati thi – Sir, Sir, Sir. I have a ...

Semesters with a Side

4 minute read

We go through jars without realizing their capacity to contain more than liquids, millennial cakes, knick-knacks and loose change. Stationery is capable of s...


2 minute read  by Aparajita Deb

Windows in my house are dealers of bugs, friends with spiders. Shut so tight, if they were women, they’d have identical lips all aligned in a single line. ...