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Two Poems

2 minute read  by Kanika Ahuja

For the Tourist at Lal Qila, Delhi

Editors’ Note

2 minute read  by editor

Contrary to popular belief, the most important step, the hardest step, of a journey is not the first one. As Sanderson says, it’s the next one, the second on...

The Lament of the Damned

5 minute read  by Christina John

She sat down after an hour of hard work. Her body did not need rest; her mind did so she sat. The morning had just begun and life in the city was already bus...

The Guilt of Detachment

7 minute read  by Ankita Raina

As I sit in the balcony of the three-storeyed building I’ve called home for the past one year, coughing multiple times because of the smoke coming from the t...

It’s Moo

4 minute read  by Ashmeet Jolly

There was a lecture on a particular concept of Carl Rogers that was being taught in class, when the month of September started. And you know how September is...


6 minute read  by Sara Haque

She had two favourite children. One died young. And left her bitter. Vengeful. Shocked. She was afraid of evenings and bullets since then. But she often told...