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Two Poems

2 minute read  by Smriti Verma

Images from Childhood The memory quickly fades into origin: days of sunlit, ashen mornings, and the golden –


1 minute read  by Sonakshi Srivastava

It’s a circumambulation - For you and I A perpetual hunt for each other, And one that knows no end.


1 minute read  by Upasa Borah

Limbo. Dying undying. Living unliving. Where do I belong? I peek through whitewashed windows and see golden lights, Stars maybe, if stars resided on Barr...


7 minute read  by Prerna Kaushal

A paintbrush between slim fingers. A heartbeat. A single breath that slips away and curls against the ghost sobbing on the floor. A trickle of sunlight reach...

Snapshots of the Flowers in My City

11 minute read  by Muskan Nagpal

While talking about why she didn’t write linearly, Virginia Woolf asked, “is life like this? Must novels be like this?”

Neighbourhood Bulletin

1 minute read  by Prithvijeet Sinha

Once there was rain with the rainbow, friends with butterfly scents and snails touched by index fingers, back in the day when hands joined in the warmth o...


9 minute read  by Riti Krishnan

Three years. That’s for how long I didn’t go back. I don’t have an elaborate excuse for it, to be honest. I had a decent job in the city and going back to th...

Behind The Cover

1 minute read  by Samiksha Jain

Photographs, for me, always serve as a powerful medium of bringing about stories that can be visualized by the audience. Through my frames, I wish to knit pe...

Editors’ Note

2 minute read  by editor

Displacement is a word we come across in many different contexts over the course of our life. To be displaced is to not be in the same place one was before. ...