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Cardiac Arrest

less than 1 minute read  by R. Gerry Fabian

This love heart that pulsed passion and fluttered and quivered daily in awkward agile anticipation has become clogged and congealed. Now, the HMO’s of love d...

Behind The Cover

2 minute read  by Anusree K

I took this particular photograph on the 18th of January, 2020. On that day, my pelvis ultrasound scan report came out and it was found that I had cysts in m...

Just ice when the fire’s lit

less than 1 minute read  by Roy Duffield

         If what they said           Was interesting And their interests Were what they said

Who By Sword

11 minute read  by Carolyn Geduld

The first time God talked to Roger was in the detention hall in high school.

Two Poems

2 minute read  by CL Severson

Essential Vocabulary for Transfolk

To the Poets of My Generation

1 minute read  by Milly Brown

I fear we are singing to ourselves, Chanting love songs Across a candle-lit and empty time Between the backs of our minds.

Three Poems

4 minute read  by Teodora Nikolova

miasma theory